Our bold, unapologetic designs are crafted to empower you from within, celebrating your individuality and authenticity. Embracing you with inclusive styles that make you feel not just confident, but radiant. Each garment is a masterpiece, designed to ensure that what you wear not only complements your outer beauty but also resonates with your innermost emotions. Your outfit should connect with your soul—helping you express your true essence and showcasing your inner strength, beauty, and spirit.


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ModoCaldo for Pageants

Recognised at both national and international platforms, Modo Caldo is a distinguished name in the pageant industry. Known for creating award winning national costumes and gowns, we are a one-stop shop for pageant organisers and contestants.


Fashion Expert

Trainer. Mentor. Stylist.
Creative Director. Entrepreneur

Apart from being a distinguished designer for Modo Caldo, our founder Jigyasa Jolly wears multiple hats. While her entrepreneurship has strengthened her role as a stylist and creative director, she also serves as a mentor to design aspirants and young entrepreneurs. Jigyasa’s unparalleled expertise in fashion and technical know-how is widely recognised in the industry.

Trainer. Mentor. Stylist.
Creative Director. Entrepreneur.



Palak Sood (Himachal Pradesh)

“Being somebody from the fashion world, I never thought there would exist a brand that would satisfy me in design, finish as well as fittings. I have never been happier. My clothes are appreciated in every room I enter and I love to flaunt Modo Caldo wearing the designs I thought would never fit my body-type.”

Garima Singh (Bangalore)

“The outfit is as immaculate on the inside as it is on the outside. My go-to boutique in Bangalore could not figure out the stitching process. You guys craft magic.”

Rishika Dhawan (Delhi)

“Since the day we entered Modo Caldo, it is impossible to shop from anywhere else. You and your designs are an addiction.”

Neelam Jasra (Delhi)

“You are the only person to have pulled us to this part of the city. We have never come towards Rajouri Garden, but the moment we saw your designs, we could not resist. Your designs are the best we have come across.”

Tani Gautam (Madhya Pradesh)

“People identify you as this wonderful designer but you are one great friend I made along the way. Thank you for being my support and creating the award winning costume for me. I dedicate my win to you.”

Alisha Ohri (Delhi)

“Not even the biggest of the names in the country, and I own most of them, have given the fittings that you do”

Sunita Verma (Delhi)

“With the kind of work you do, go to Paris. You deserve big stages and platforms.”

Juhi Rana (USA)

“You are very talented Jigyasa. I am glad our paths crossed. It is because of your dress that I won the pageant and all the judges are calling me to ask about you.”